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True story of very large belly :)

When about fifteen years ago my birth giving time came I went to hospital where nurses were all around me and midwife
who was old in age called me her beloved girly... She talked with me whole time and shaked me
- "How will you girly being so tiny will give birth to such a big boy? Because by parameteres he should be large."
One nurse brought me coffe, other diffrent things. I felt like a princess. I felt very good. But when the firstborn came, than the first words of midwife was
- "Well, son! Why so tiny weener?"
It turns out that a son was born 1,7kg in weight and 45 cm in length. She carried away him somewhere and came to me, started to look at me and touch me.
Then she took her breath and said,
- Girl, do not worry, just do not worry!"
I asked her,
-"But nothing to worry aboutI am happy and calm!"
But the grandmother says,
- "Just do not worry, you'll have another."
I was on foot collapsed. And after 15 minutes I gave birth to a daughter.

But when my husband called the hospital and asked if his firstborn has camed, he got response
- "Congratulations You have son who is that and that large, and daughter who is that and that large..."
He dropped the handset. And looked at his friends speechless. My girlfriend asked if something has gone wrong, because the man was pale. Already intending that someone is dead. But he was able to show two fingers. Then he called hospital three more times and reasked if they haven't mixed something up.
But no. :)

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